#Startup Kid Manifesto

This really is for everyone…
Not just for the next Tim Berners-Lee, but the next kid like me.
This is for the makers, the shapers, the bit of give and takers.
The ironic losers and the iconic youtubers, the self-employed, the unemployed and those in the void, inbetween.
This is for the part-timers, the first timers, the front of the line-ers, the rustlers, the hustlers, the chancers and the ones who’ve always got an answer.
This is for the next generation and the lost generation, the NEET’s, the future VEEP’s, the CEO’s, the told you so’s and the I just don’t know’s.
The bloggers, the sloggers, the eBayers and the I will, one day-ers.
This is for the everyday ordinary giving something a go kid,
the will it work, won’t it work, I just don’t know kid,
the it started out as something fun we just did kid.
This is for the digital by default doing something’s better than nothing it’s just part of everything we do…

– Sam Conniff (Chairman and Founder of Livity and #StartupKid Champion)


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