Isa Mutlib – Founder of Corptools #BhamKid

I’ve been on Twitter for years and I’ve come across many interesting people. Normal people, starting up businesses, doing cool things. My next Q+A is with Isa. I remember reading Isa’s blog post and being really moved by it, his father is currently battling with cancer so alongside that trauma he has to deal with the everyday struggles of an entrepreneur.


What is your name?  Isa Mutlib

Age: 23


Social media: @itsIsaBrum

Name and Elevator Pitch on your business:  CorpTools. We consult on current training practises to design or deliver engaging training workshops which develop employees to stakeholder expectations.

What are your plans for the next 3 months? Scale CorpTools and bring in Cyberdust, a new messaging platform in the US, into schools across the UK.

What are your plans for it for the next 5 years?   Not sure about 5 years but the next 12 months is about establishing CorpTools and its products within the market.

What do you wish you had known before you started? The importance of having a secure job whilst being a startup

What has been your biggest highlight? Recovering from the financial crash after my father’s cancer operation

What is your biggest challenge? Understanding the complexity of a service based business

Who inspires you the most? Biggest inspiration in business sense would be The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) because his great brokerage success rate and business deals were down to his grand character that people trusted.

What tools and resources would you recommend? Social media and mentors! Also, entrepreneurial incubators

If you could leave one legacy to the world. What would it be and why? I wouldn’t say change but to improve the quality of life for those in deprived areas of the UK

What does a #startupkid mean to you? A young person who has entered the startup world and is finding his/her way round.

What one piece of advice would you give to #startupkids? Get a mentor and always, always seek advice.,

Any thing else you would like to add? The startup route is difficult but we live in a day and age which has made it easier for many to start a business. Always test the validity of an idea with quality reason, not passion. And get a mentor!