#StartupKid’s back, alright…

One of the words I’ve always used to describe myself is “extra”. I’m always doing something that is “EXTRA”. I’m never fulfilled with normal life. you know doing just enough to get by. I don’t know what it is but I’ve always liked having my finger in many pies (maybe I’m just a bit greedy). So I’ve been involved in many projects, volunteer stuff and I guess this blog will be another thing. A passion project.

Who am I?

I’m Arfah. I go by @arf_22 on Twitter. Some of you may know me through, Discoverables, UpUpUp and Spark+Mettle. (Great I now sound like Troy McClure from The Simpsons!)

Anyway about 2 years ago I started a journey where I ended up in the tech world by accident and I found myself trying to balance and manage my identities. I felt mainly like an imposter.  But it was more to do with not really relating to the word entrepreneur.

Alan Sugar is not a role model to me and he defo ain’t a role model to all the #startupkids I know so welcome to my next project!

Where did the #StartupKid come from?

It was in the earlier days of Discoverables  I started a hashtag called #Wannabestartupkid. It was a way of me poking fun at myself as I tried to navigate myself in this whole new space. I then changed it to #startupkid because I was then full time on the startup!I attended the Youth Enterprise Manifesto launch at the RSA last October and there I was with my red jeans amongst a bunch of people who were mostly smartly dressed. It was there that I mentioned that I refer to myself as #startupkid. I was told I was onto something by Sam Conniff and took the word and wrote an amazing spoken word/manifesto on it since then I’ve always sat on it and in my random career journey I’ve met many #startupkids so I want to create a community of #startupkids. People all across the world the embody you and I, that are just involved in things out of passion and love. Some will spin them into successful businesses for others it will be nothing but a hobby.

I was involved in a tech startup before and it failed and I learned lots of lessons. I now work for Makers Academy in a high growth startup which is pretty exciting but I was missing tinkering with my own projects so in #startupkid style. I am back!

Ever fortnight I hope to showcase a new #startupkid doing interesting things.  If you consider yourself a #startupkid then get in touch and I’d love to showcase you!